Barber Services

Remember the good old days when the Barber Shop represented straight razor shaves, satisfying haircuts and great atmospheres. ShearsPoint Barbers offer traditional and modern haircuts in Murfreesboro, TN, but we take special pride in our client relations. Book your next appointment by clicking here.

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Corporate Services

By working with local companies and businesses, ShearsPoint has created a benefit program to help build moral and benefit employees.  The ShearsPoint Professional Network offers professional services at specially discounted rates for company empolyees and their immediate family members.

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Onsite Services

Since 2010, we've perfected the art of onsite hair care services.  Specializing in mental health patients, we became largest hair care provider for the State of Tennessee, we set the standard for assisted living, nursing homes and institutions that accommodate clients that require individual or interdisciplinary acute care.

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The ShearsPoint Model

From late night conversations in a small barber school, the idea of merging "Old Fashioned" customers service and pride with "New School" techniques and products.

Since that time we've launched several shops, created product lines and mentored other professionals.  Our intent is to properly groom the general public by professionally grooming and training professionals.


Next Steps...

Seeking new ways to develop more revenue within the hair care industry?