For those who like a well-groomed appearance, we offer a traditional clipper or shear haircut. It comes with complete edge-services and optional razor neck-shave/hot-towel treatment.

Str8 Razor Shave

This service is designed for those who truly appreciate the Art of Barbering. Includes a plethora of hot towels treated with oils & botanicals for full facial message. 

For the Ladies

 Ladies if you want to be styled, go to a trained Stylist. If you need a haircut go to a trained Barber. Barber are trained to cut with precision and technique that will limit split ends and hold your styles longer. (Includes shear and clipper)  

Shear/Scissor Cuts

Some just prefer a classic scissor/shear cut over electric clippers. We can also accommodate for those who may be sensitive to noise or vibrations. Shampoo and conditioning services also available upon request.

Ladies Styling available

Each service starts with a very thorough shampoo and conditioning treatment. Client has several options to choose from, such as Braids, Flat Irons, or Curling Irons depending on the condition of the hair.

Beard Trim

We understand that paying attention to details counts when it comes to Facial Trims, and we believe facial hair should bring out the best in one’s appearance so we strive to help you find it.

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